Applications Open on May 1

Applications for the San Francisco Comedy Competition will be open May 1 through August 1, 2018.

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Ellis Rodriguez wins the 42nd Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition. Tyrone Hawkins takes second place, Mark Smalls takes third, Matt McClowry takes fourth and Chris Bennett takes the fifth.

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Tickets Still Available at Gallo and Variety Club

The last two shows of the 42nd Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition are at the Gallo Center and the Variety Club.

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The Finalists have been Chosen!

After a week of Semifinal competition, the Finalsist for the 43rd Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition are:

  1. Tyrone Hawkins
  2. Matt McClowry
  3. Ellis Rodriguez
  4. Chris Bennett
  5. Mark Smalls

The Finals start on September 27 at Rossmoor. Since that is a private show,

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