Week 2 kicks off at Sonoma State University

The 2011 San Francisco Comedy Competition kicks off Wednesday, September 14 at the Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park.

The second round begins with 15 new comics battling it out for just five slots to advance to the semi-finals.

Comics competing in Week 2 include:

Keith Michael Ashton, Los Angeles
Nathan Brannon, Portland
Nat Baimel, Los Angeles
Claire Brosseau, Toronto
Sal Calanni, San Francisco
Jesse Fernandez, San Francisco
AJ Finney, Kansas City
John Hastings, Toronto
John McNeish, Hastings
Stroy Moyd, San Francisco
Matt O’Brien, Vancouver
Jimmy Ouyang, San Diego
Christian Reyes, San Francisco
Kevin Shea, San Francisco
Mike Stanley, Chicago
Owen Straw, Seattle
Christina Walkinshaw, Toronto

Check back for nightly updates.

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