The Semi-Finals Kick off in San Francisco

The Semi-Final Round of the 36th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition kicks off Tuesday, September 27 at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco.

The Top five from each week of the Preliminary Rounds are coming together to compete against each other for the first time. Only five of them will advance to the Finals.

The Semi-Final Round comics are:

Shanti Charan, Union City
Sal Calanni, San Francisco
Shawn Felipe, Honolulu
AJ Finney, Kansas City
John Hastings, Toronto
Sean Kent, Los Angeles
Alex Koll, San Francisco
Jimmy Ouyang, San Diego
Kevin Shea, San Francisco
Derek Sheen, Seattle

Update: Earlier we listed Nathan Brannon and omitted John Hastings as moving on to the Semi-Finals. Although we love Nathan and would love to spend another week with him, John Hastings was number two for the week and really funny. We apologize about the confusion.

This is still going to be a really great show. Don’t miss it!

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