Sean Kent Wins the 2011 San Francisco Comedy Competition

Photo Finish Prompts Emotional Acceptance Speech

Sean KentSean Kent from Austin let it all hang out after the announcement that he had fulfilled his Joe Namath-like guarantee to win the 36th Annual San Francisco Stand-Up Comedy Competition. With tears pouring down, the 37-year-old road veteran talked of having watched a early version of the fabled contest on TV at the age of 12 and vowing he would someday join its list of champions. He also disclosed his battle with cancer that still threatens to cut his life short, perhaps instilling in him an urgency not seen in comedy since the likes of Bill HIcks.

As fascinating as were his remarks, his fellow competitors grew restless standing next to him on stage. Runner-up Alex Koll fetched a broom and began cleaning the stage and when that didn’t bring the festivities to a close, he came back with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Producer Jon Fox, although enjoying the litany of accolades and insults coming his way from the stage, felt obliged to give Kent a flashing light indicating he had gone overtime. All in all, it was a memorable ending to a memorable year that also saw two very talented young contestants, Grant Cotter and Stroy Moyd, fail to advance out of the preliminary rounds only due to time point violations.

And so it shall now be recorded:

  1. Sean Kent
  2. Alex Koll
  3. Sal Calanni
  4. John Hastings
  5. AJ Finney
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