Preliminary Line-up

We have a tentative line-up for the 37th Annual San Francisco Comedy Competition.

The Competition features two weeks of Preliminary Rounds where the top five from each week advance to the Semi-Final round, which kicks off September 26, 2012 at Angelica’s Bell Theatre at Redwood City.

PRELIMINARY WEEK ONE: September 14th to September 17th
1) Mo Alexander (memphis)
2) Henry Coleman (los angeles)
3) Michael Harrison (toronto)
4) Kellye Howard (chicago)
5) Susan Jones (seattle)
6) Sean Keane (san francisco)
7) Xung Lam (seattle)
8) Justin Lucas (san francisco)
9) Ashley Austin Morris (los angeles)
10) Toby Muresianu (los angeles)
11) David Powell (boston/los angeles)
12) Matt Ruby (new york)
13) Murv Seymour (tampa)
14) Prashanth Venkataramanujam (chicago/los angeles)
15) Dave Williamson (miami)
16) The Greg Wilson (dallas)

PRELIMINARY WEEK TWO: September 20th to September 23rd
1) Tony Baker (los angeles)
2) Mike Baldwin (kansas city)
3) Cameron Buchholtz (austin)
4) John Conroy (minneapolis)
5) Stefan Davis (madison)
6) Tanyalee Davis (las vegas)
7) DJ Real (san francisco)
8) Mike Drucker (san francisco)
9) Laura Hayden (hermosa beach)
10) Paul Hooper (charlotte)
11) Mike Merryfield (menasha)
12) Dom Pare (toronto)
13) Tommy Savitt (brooklyn)
14) Andrew Sleighter (bellingham/los angeles)
15) Kortney Shane Williams (tampa/seattle)
16) Jono Zalay (new york)

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