Back to the Crows Nest

No comedy competition should be without a room like the Crows Nest. Theater shows are usually amazing. Casino shows are almost always fun and urban shows in a place that draws an intelligent audience are hard to beat. Without a show like the Crows Nest, you don’t have something that can work like a monkey wrench in a fine geared clock.

It’s also final show for the preliminary rounds of the San Francisco Comedy Competition. With the addition of Sal Calanni, we had 11 of the 16 comics make it into the top 5.  That tends to make the scores even closer overall and puts even more comics into contention for moving on to the semi-finals.

The top 5 for the night are:

  1. Kevin Shea
  2. Sal Calanni
  3. Jimmy Ouyang
  4. Nathan Brannon
  5. John Hastings

And now, the week results.

Moving on to the Semi-Finals are:

  1. Kevin Shea
  2. John Hastings
  3. Jimmy Ouyang
  4. Sal Calanni
  5. AJ Finney


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