TEMP – Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do you need to be at least 21 years of age?

Some venues are casinos and to perform or to play you must be at least 21 years of age.

What are my chances of being selected?

Out of hundreds of submissions, we select 32 comics total. We have two weeks of Preliminaries with 16 comics each week.

Can I audition in person, instead of applying with a video?

We have public auditions in the Bay Area. Please submit a form because we need all of the information for the Competition.

I’ve missed the deadline! Does that mean I can’t apply?

Once the deadline passes, we start making decisions on who we will accept and available places in our Competition may be already booked. We will not take submissions after the contest begins.

Should I include references from other comics or bookers?

They are not required. Feel free to list them if you like.

What if my best video is either shorter or longer than the recommended ten minutes?

We will watch the video URL you send us. We recommend a video that’s around ten minutes long, but seven minutes is fine. Five minutes is fine. If the video is less than three minutes long, it does not give us enough to go on, but we’ll watch it.

Why don’t you like edited videos?

We will watch the video URL you send us. We’d like to see a full ten minute video without edits.

Are these competitions really a month long?