Young Guns of ’06 Hitting Their Strides

By Jonathan B Fox

As its producer, I’m sometimes asked, “When will the Comedy Competition discover the next Robin Williams?”

It’s a tough question. Talent like that doesn’t just come along every day.

Mike Winfield

Mike Winfield

So it’s great to be able to bring attention to the successes of some of our more recent alumni. Mike E. Winfield and Mo Mandel were just kids in 2006 when they made the finals along with that year’s winner, Jay Wendall Walker from Spokane, a veteran act to say the least who had actually once appeared on the “Ed Sullivan Show.”

Jay Wendall’s wonderful triumph that year may have been a bit of a last hurrah but Mike E. and Mo have gone on to make some serious waves. Mike E. Winfield will appear on “David Letterman” Friday, Nov. 5.

Mo meanwhile has recently taped an episode of “Modern Family”, playing a character named Murder who gets in a mall confrontation with Ed O’Neil after stealing his parking place. He also taped a guest spot on “Love Bites,” a new series scheduled to begin airing in January.

I can almost forgive and forget the canceling of those hosting jobs at the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco and at Chico State but, Mo, you owe me, right?

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