New Fox in the Henhouse

An ambition 24 years in the making will come to fruition for Comedy Competition producers Anne and Jon Fox when their son, Shane, joins them full-time to put on this year’s event.

“It’s not easy to turn over the reins,” Jon Fox commented, “but when we had two colleges withdraw from our schedule this year, even though they said it was due to budgetary constraints, I had to wonder if maybe young people would just rather not deal with an old fart like myself.”

Anne left the day-to-day frenzy of the event several years ago after undergoing brain surgery. Even longtime scorekeeper, Tony “Numbers” Modica, has decided to call it a day.
They all look back at a distinguished record of showcasing talents in the comedy competition who would go on to become major stars.

Most fans know about Dana Carvey, Ellen DeGeneres, Sinbad and Robin Williams. But The Foxes also love to point out the involvement of the likes of Louis C.K., Patton Oswalt, Rob Schneider and even W. Kamau Bell who’s new TV show, “Totally Biased,” recently debuted on FX.

“There aren’t too many major comedians we didn’t provide a stage for on their way up,” Fox crowed, “So I guess I’ll say to Shane, as comedians are apt to do to each other after they’ve had a great set, ‘follow that.’ Actually, I’m quite sure he will.”

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